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Adobe Photoshop & Premiere Elements 2021 [PC Online code]


Adobe Photoshop Elements 2021 & Premiere Elements 2021 create flawless photos and videos. It makes you follow the creative inspiration to enhance your skills. Add motion to your static images with Adobe Sensei technology. You can use it for multiple editing, such as fine-tuning the person’s face, applying the effect to a specific area, and improving the low-light video. Convenient editing tools will help you create photos and videos for social media. Animated matte overlays add the look you want to make. The intelligent features of Adobe Sensei technology improve the design by combining artificial intelligence and machine learning together.


Adobe Photoshop Elements 2021 Features

  • Intelligent editing– Create impressive artwork with the smart editing features of Adobe Photoshop Elements. Add more to your creativity with Adobe Sensei technology. Fine-tune any part of your image or video by applying effects to a particular area, improve the lighting, or explore many other editing options.
  • 83 Guided Edits– If you want beautiful two-color creation in your images, apply custom duotone effects. Create epic and flawless images by removing haze and unwanted objects. The double exposure effect creates magic within a photo or video. Apply animation styles to either the full video or a specific part.
  • Create and share– You can post inspirational animated graphics for social media or special friends. Choose from several stylish titles, themes, and transitions, and add it to work. Add background music, and your short movie is ready to receive praise. You can even mix and match photos and videos in a single project and upload them on social media sites.
  • Organization– Use Smart Tags or facial recognition to quickly find your photos and videos, thanks to Adobe Sensei AI technology. Quickly recover your data with automatic backups.


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