LG Rollable Smartphone: Price, Launch Date, Leaks, and All We Know

In the recent Consumers Electronics Show, we got to see innovation from LG, a rollable smartphone. LG recently announced a rollable smartphone in the CES 2021, and we also got to know about its technology and specifications.

LG has recently verified the official name of its upcoming reliable smartphone, and it is LG Rollable. Previously, we heard too many rumors about this mobile’s name, and they come out true.

In this article, we are going to share all the information we have about this smartphone with you. So stay tuned and keep reading until we conclude.

Let’s begin…

Launch Date and Price

According to a South Korean report, this innovative device will launch somewhere in 2021. It seems like the launch will happen in the first quarter of the year. So we can confidently say we are going to see it very, very soon. We have also heard that the company will soon end its smartphone manufacturing business, and possibly it will take place after the launch of this smartphone.

A leaker from South Korea has informed us about the launch date that we told you above. They are not reliable in terms of accuracy when we look at their previous leaks, so we do not trust this information very much. Some other talks suggest that this phone may arrive in March 2021, but the company might delay it until June.

The company has recently shared some information regarding this smartphone, and it could be possible it might release very soon, possibly in March 2021. CNET, one of the most popular tech websites, has teased that this device will launch later this year. This is absolutely different from what we hear from the rumors.

TechRadar, one of the most popular websites regarding gadgets and technology, has also talked to LG regarding the release date of its smartphone. Still, the brand has denied it, and it seems like they want to keep the release date and other information secrets.

Coming to the price of the product, it would cost roughly 2359 USD. As you can see, the company will keep the price of this product high, making it one of the most expensive phones in the world. Average customers would barely purchase such kind of expensive phone.

It seems like it will be costlier than Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, so it could be a business-targeted smartphone rather than for the general public. It is also possible that the technology LG has used in this device may cost very much to them, and therefore they are selling it at a high cost.

Some other smartphone companies are also working on their rollable smartphones, and it seems like they will also launch their products in 2021. One such brand is Oppo and TCL, and they are also trying to create hype for their rollable products.

If they also release their smartphones in 2021, along with LG Rollable, there will surely be hard competition in the market for rollable smartphones. However, users are not interested in other rollable smartphones like they are in LG.

Assumed Specifications

We have too many reports regarding the possible specification that LG Rollable will utilize. According to some reports, the screen will be available on the front panel of the smartphone. The screen size could be 7.4 inches to 6.8 inches. The possible resolution for the device could be 1600 x 2428 for the 7.4-inch screen size. In case the phone’s screen is 6.8 inches, then it might use the 1080×2428 resolution.

Some other reports suggest that it will utilize Snapdragon 888 mobile processor, providing it up to mark performance. The battery could be 4200mAh, and it may use 16GB of RAM.

All the details we have shared in this article have no official confirmation. So please wait until the company verifies all the details officially since the rumors can be false. We hope you have found this article entertaining and informative. Thank you for coming here.

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