NASA Will Conduct Green Run Hot Fire Tests for Artemis – I Mission

NASA’s upcoming Artemis mission is making remarkable progress in its production stage. There are frequent updates available for the next human mission to the Moon. 2021 will showcase the first launch of the Artemis I mission. For the same, NASA is ready with its Space Launch System test that they will conduct this January. NASA will conduct a series of Green Run tests. For its Artemis mission, NASA has laid down an action plan strategy. In this edition, there is a discussion on Artemis’s mission, the fire test, and Artemis’s mission prospects.

About the Test Fire

According to NASA, these green run tests are the backbone of the entire SLS rocket system. NASA will initiate them in a few days and accomplish the eighth and final part of the series by 17th January 2021. Four of the tests will be conducted by RS-25 engines for a span of eight minutes. It will ensure the performance of the core stage. NASA will perform these tests at Mississippi’s Stennis Space Center. Some issues arose during the intermediate stage, but NASA worked through them. NASA conducted a wet dress rehearsal, marking it as the first time cryogenic, liquid, or super cold propellant. The team loaded this propellant into the fuel system. Then, they drained it out from the core stage. The draining out helped NASA to counter the issue and come out with a solution.

About Artemis Program

NASA’s Artemis mission will be the first human mission to the Moon, Earth’s natural satellite, after 1972. The abbreviation of NASA is Acceleration, Reconnection, Turbulence, and Electrodynamics of the Moon’s Interaction with the Sun). NASA will accomplish the Artemis mission in three stages. In the very first stage, that is going to launch in October 2021. This mission will be an unhuman flight mission. It is for this mission NASA will do its green run tests. Next, in the year 2023, NASA will send its first crew for preparation flight as the second phase. Lastly, in the final stage, NASA will send the crew to the Earth’s lunar neighbor. The entire crew will be there for at least one week with the objective to explore and extract the surface materials from the Moon.

Artemis Prospects

The Artemis mission by NASA can open many gates for future space expeditions. NASA’s many future missions also depend on the success of Artemis, among which is the Mars exploration. Then, there are many unknown facets of the Moon, including geology, soil mechanics, seismic tremor, and thermodynamics. Artemis holds the potential to unveil all such information related to the specific domain. Hence, it may somewhere help humanity to get a concrete understanding of the evolution of the universe.


NASA’s Artemis mission is getting ready for its first stage launch. The green run tests will confirm and verify the working of the propellant stage and fuel. After completing the test, NASA can work upon the other essential and critical domains related to the Artemis mission. The potentiality of Artemis is very high and can be an excellent achievement for the entire space community.

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